Tuesday, April 15, 2014

walleye fishing Vermont

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife says the state's walleye fishing season is set to begin, but regulations differ depending on where anglers fish.
The season is set to open May 3. In all waters, except Lake Carmi, Chittenden Reservoir and the Connecticut River, walleye and sauger must be at least 18 inches long and there is a three-fish daily limit. Anglers should check special walleye regulations for Lake Carmi and the Chittenden Reservoir. Connecticut River walleye regulations are set by the state of New Hampshire.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Striper Lake Powell Fishing

Adult stripers are deeper and can be found in the backs of the canyons where depth changes abruptly from deep water to a 30 feet plateau or bench. Best techniques are down rigger trolling, spooning or bait fishing.
Bass react to warming by moving up as well. They seek warm water to recharge their batteries. Smallmouth don’t even wake up until water temperature hits 57 degrees while largemouth get excited when temperature is 53 or better. Current temperatures mark the beginning of spring for both species. Calm afternoons are the best time to fish for bass, particularly in shallow coves with a south facing rock wall that collects as much heat from the sun as possible and transmits that warmth into the water. Again look for bass in colored water. Murky water warms more quickly than clear water. Bass will move to warm spots along the shore. Use the thermometer to find "hot spots". Then look for fast falling broken rock piles to key in on bass habitat. In the absence of brush rock structure and water color will guide you to bass country. Use the same strategy to find crappie. They will be found in open water between the muddy and green zones in the backs of canyons. Start fishing in 12-15 feet of murky water by blind casting or very slow trolling. Fishing is not yet fast but it is certainly worthwhile to be on the lake during a calm warm afternoon.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ohio shoreline of Western Lake Erie

The ice is hanging around along the Ohio shoreline of Western Lake Erie, but extreme caution is needed when heading out. The cracks are widening along the shoreline. There is a risk of major ice floes breaking off with the windy weather and Lake Erie current.
The best ice fishing for walleye and yellow perch has moved closer to shore, with reports of good catches 3 to 3.5 miles off the beaches at Camp Perry, Magee Marsh and Crane Creek. Life jackets or float suits are a must; as is a full complement of safety gear, including marine electronics, cell phones or a marine radio. Keep an eye on weather reports.
Rain, sleet or snow is predicted for the weekend, along with brisk southerly and westerly winds.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Erie Dearie Lures

Erie Dearie Lures are time proven winners for walleyes on Lake Erie

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fishing common experience in the Florida Keys

The state of Florida has reported the  fishing industry bring in more then five billion dollars a year which shows the a large percentage of the  fishing is responsible for filling up the hotels and businesses in the area. The tourist spend hundred of millions of dollars in fishing activities, and that doesn't include hotel stays, meals and souvenirs.
The outdoor activities the are in demand are fishing diving and boating cruises. There are also huge fishing tournaments that bring in fishermen from all over the world. There are many world records that have been caught in the Keys. Big game anglers have never seen such fertile and diverse fishing grounds. They promote the sports fishing industry in the Keys, and they use the tournaments to attract families to visit. there are female only fishing tournaments for sailfish, dolphin fish and other catches just for the girls. many big time fishermen will pay out up to a thousand dollars a day to catch a trophy fish. The larger vessels are ideal for groups of four to eight people corporate groups, families who want to fish in deeper waters. Captains provide the fishing license, bait, tackle and expertise. Anglers bring their own refreshments, sun block and seasickness medication.
Fishing the Florida Keyst

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Walleye Fishing Books

The combination of underwater, overhead, and how-to photography makes it easier than ever to understand the basics of catching walleye. Even if the fish are hiding in the weeds or the weather isn't ideal, this book will improve your success on the water. For me, it is the enjoyment of the spring sun warming my face on a cold morning. It's the time shared with my father and brother on the water. It's the cold splash of water from a walleye as I release him back for another day. It's the feeling of excitement when the reel screams out a cry from a walleye. The exhilaration overtook me at a young age and keeps me traveling back to continue the quest each year. It has been 25 years since I began my journey. Today I feel the need to share those experiences with others standing along the shores of the Maumee River. Inside these pages you will find a lifetime of experience fishing walleye on the river,wisdom of the In-Fisherman staff as they explore every aspect of the walleye world.
Walleye Fishing Books and Tips

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Muskie and northern pike fishing

From the Back Cover Discover the pros secrets for catching more and bigger muskies. They don’t call it the Fish of Ten Thousand Casts for nothing. The challenge of catching muskie is not only finding them, but also figuring out their attitude and what presentation might work—today. To find success tomorrow, you’ll probably need a different location, attitude, and lure. Pro muskie “hunters” Jack Burns and Rob Kimm share their own experience as well as that of the many other muskie anglers with whom they’ve worked and fished over the years. They cover the basic biology of muskies and how you can use that knowledge to catch more and bigger fish. They discuss fishing tackle, release techniques, reacting to follows, doing figure eights, triggering strikes, and much more. In this expertly written book you’ll find examples of on-the-water tactics and strategies covering a wide range of situations. More important, you’ll develop an understanding of the why behind a particular strategy and how to adapt to different water and weather conditions throughout the year.Like most fish species, the key to catching muskie and northern pike consistently is to understand their habits and master your own techniques. Unlike other species, however, these popular gamefish will require some unique tactics and equipment.
All about musky fishing

Sunday, July 22, 2012

St. Lawrence River

 Many trophy size bass have been taken here (including the St. Lawrence River record), attracting fishermen from throughout the Thousand Islands region. Many anglers are also attracted to Lake of the Isles by its excellent year-round fisheries for pike and various pan fish species. Access to the area for recreational fishing is available from De Wolf Point State Park and from private facilities on the bay and at nearby river locations.
Bass Fishing Lake of the Isles